Aussie Day Class Photo

Aussie Day Class Photo

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Christmas activity

Enjoy these photos of an activity with our buddies this afternoon. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dance Party and Class Party

Our Dance Party is on Tuesday morning December 11th. Thank you for returning permission slips. All tickets have been issued that were requested. 

Children are invited to wear party clothes for the whole day on Tuesday. Please keep in mind that the children have a sports class in the afternoon so they will need appropriate footwear to play sport. They may bring a change of footwear if they would like to wear party shoes for the morning. 

Just a reminder about our Class Party.

To celebrate the end of year together, we will have a class party on Wednesday, December 12th. This party will be our lunch for the day, so I encourage everyone to bring one small plate of healthy food to share.
                                                               girls - savoury plate
                                                               boys - sweet plate

Thank you
Mrs Harders

Monday, 3 December 2018


I can’t believe that two years have passed since most of us began a journey together in your child’s learning. It’s been a fantastic period of my teaching career. I am so proud of what your children have achieved during this time. Everyone has worked very hard to accomplish their personal best. I couldn’t have asked for more from them. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the children and your families over our time together.
I appreciate the support I have received from you as parents. It has been most beneficial for the children that we work together to achieve goals for them.
Summer holidays can be long when children are bored, so I encourage you to make sure they have plenty of books to read. Maybe a trip to the local library would be fun. Keep enjoying Literacy Pro until it gets switched off.
I know that many of you take special outings or even a holiday over the summer. It would be great practice for the children to write about their experiences. Maybe they could purchase a cheap exercise book that they can cover and decorate. I encourage them to use complex sentences and lots of different types of figurative language in their writing, remembering to provide all the details of the experience. The children always re-read and edit their own writing.
They might like to allocate the back of the exercise book to maths practice. Some ideas include times tables practise, addition and subtraction with regrouping, drawing maps, time and money challenges and some fractions practise.
The children will still have access to Studyladder if they would like to do some activities online.
Holidays are always filled with great memories so I wish you all a very special and safe holiday period. I will miss you all very much and hope that you will say hello to me when we pass each other as school resumes in 2019.
All my love and best wishes
Mrs Harders

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Reindeer STEM

STEM task - Make a reindeer from all natural materials. Your reindeer must stand on four legs unassisted. Enjoy these photos of our successes.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Literacy Pro Award

Congratulations to the children from Rm 19 for winning the Literacy Pro award at assembly on Friday. So very proud of your reading efforts. Everyone in our class has earnt a certificate. An outstanding effort. 
To this point of the year, Rm 19 children have read 7,290,949 words and have completed 2015 quizzes. 
Enjoy this photo of our trophy with Benjamin who has earnt his silver certificate. Then bronze, red and blue certificate winners around him. Well done!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Thinking Threes earn their name

This week we have been reading a big book together called Fish Head Soup. This story is about Mrs Spatt and her friend Spider. In the story Mrs Spatt saves Spider with her wooden spoon. After we read the story someone in the class remembered a story from Year 1 about Mrs Spatt and Spider. Mrs Harders went to the Library and found the Year 1 text. After reading it we discovered the reason Mrs Spatt and Spider became friends. What a fantastic connection! The children quickly realised that we had made a text to text connection. This is a reading strategy we have learnt where one story helps us to understand another story. It was a very proud moment for Mrs Harders. Well done to the Thinking Threes of Room 19.

 We have also recently studied a story called Harry McFarr’s Clunker Car. As the name suggests Harry’s car is old and falling apart. The children designed a new car for Harry with some amazing features. They wrote a simile for their cars and listed their special features. We have been learning to write complex sentences so the children wrote some about the story. Well done, Room 19. Please enjoy a sample of their work.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Term 4

Here we are in Term 4 already!!

I trust everyone had a wonderful break and are ready to engage in the celebrations and activities that Term 4 provides.

I hope you had a chance to come and enjoy a wonderful celebration of the arts at the Arts Festival on Tuesday night. Music, Art and Drama are such important aspects of a child’s learning and it was a spectacular night, showcasing the talents of our students in many areas. Thank you to those parents who were able to come along and share the evening with your children.

We have begun dancing lessons. We participate in one dancing lesson per week and will do until the end of the term. The children have remembered many of last year’s dances and we have begun learning some new ones for our Dance Party coming up later in the year. I will post more information regarding the Dance Party later in the term.

Swimming lessons for our class have been scheduled for Weeks 7 & 8 as you will already know from the permission form sent home last week. Forms and payment are due Wednesday October 31st.

Congratulations to Aadidev who was selected to complete in the recent Numero Challenge as a representative of Wattle Grove Primary School. We wish you lots of success in future heats for the remainder of the term.

Rm 19 has been scheduled to perform their item at the Senior Assembly on Friday of Week 8. Please note this date.

As we move into the coming weeks of the term we can expect to cover topics such as;
  • ·         Reading Strategies – finding information, cause and effect, similarities and differences and predicting. We will be looking at using these strategies in the context of both text and short films.
  • ·         Grammar – revising simple, compound and complex sentences and the conjunctions used to write these sentences. Tenses, the use of determiners (a/an), homophones (their/there/they’re, too/two/to, where/wear/we’re, your/you’re, it’s/its) and homographs (bat/bat)
  • ·         Punctuation – Revising using commas for a list of items and for a pause, exclamation marks, capital letters, full stops, question marks, quotation marks, apostrophe for ownership. Children will be encouraged to edit many passages, both on paper and digitally on laptops.
  • ·         Spelling - phonemes au, ie, sc, or, age, eigh, silent h, silent g, silent u g, silent l m, ou, augh, el, ant, our and c along with some spelling rules. You may notice that some of these are repeated. These phonemes were identified as weak areas across the year group and we have revisited them for consolidation.
  • ·         Speaking & Listening – Science presentation
  • ·         Writing – Persuasive text and Narrative text

New topics
  • ·         Number and Algebra - addition and subtraction within 1000, multiplication and division (facts of 2, 3, 5 & 10)

  • ·         Number
  • ·         Measurement
  • ·         Statistics and Probability

The Karate challenge has been going very well with 14 students from Rm 19 mastering the 2, 10, 5, 3, 11 and 9 times table. The children will benefit from knowing all their times tables by rote, so I encourage everyone to embrace the Karate challenge and work towards the top belt as quickly as possible.

We have already had our Super Scientist Report Competition. Congratulations to everyone from Rm 19 for an outstanding effort with your presentations. I was most impressed at the high standard, especially with the way that everyone tried so hard to maintain eye contact with the audience. This is something we have been working hard to do each time we present.

The children are completing our unit on Civics and Citizenship where we have focused on Governments and Democracy and Law and Citizens. We will then complete a unit on Geography in the second half of the term.